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The MSJ to CSJ connection: Students find success in Rutland’s Catholic schools

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

From left to right, Bethany Manfredi, ’16; Heather McManus, ’16 and Olivia LaVictoire-Pierce, ’17.

Rutland has the distinction of offering a Catholic education from Pre-K through an advanced degree - from Christ the King School to Mount St. Joseph Academy to College of St. Joseph.

Over the past several years, more than 10 MSJ graduates have gone to College of St. Joseph to pursue their dream of a college degree though the Unity Grant partnership between MSJ and CSJ. This grant provides tuition assistance for MSJ students who directly matriculate to CSJ upon their graduation from MSJ.

We recently heard from several MSJ alumni who are currently enrolled at CSJ. Here is what they had to say about how MSJ prepared them for college and their experiences attending College of St. Joseph.

Olivia LaVictoire-Pierce, ’17

“My time at College of St. Joseph, so far, has truly been a great experience. Coming from a close knit school like Mount St. Joseph Academy makes me value even more the community that CSJ embodies. I have completed my first two semesters of college and I am currently in my third. I am proud to say that I have made the Dean’s List for both semesters that I have completed so far, as well as received a Divisional Arts and Sciences Award. The faculty and staff of CSJ help each and every student achieve their goals, which is the reason why I am so happy that I decided to further my education, studying radiologic sciences, at College of St. Joseph.”

Bethany Manfredi, ’16

“My education at MSJ provided me with all the tools I needed and more to succeed at the College of St. Joseph. I could not have been more prepared for college because of the education I received at MSJ. CSJ can be compared to MSJ in many ways, including small class sizes, and caring professors. It is also a small environment. You do not get lost in a crowd. The classes are engaging, and the professors care about your learning. They can always be reachable if you have a question about anything. CSJ is adaptable to you, and they work with you, individually. I am an Educational Studies major with a focus on elementary education. While at CSJ, I have received two divisional awards from the Education division. I was on the President's list my first semester, and have been on the Dean's list every following semester. At CSJ, I am a member and Secretary of the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. I am very fortunate to have received such a wonderful education at MSJ. I was very blessed to have received the MSJ/CSJ Unity Grant that allowed me to go to CSJ to continue my education.”

Heather McManus, ’16

“The community at CSJ has been extremely welcoming and supportive the two and a half years that I have been there. The small numbers allow students to have the undivided attention of their professors, which plays a large part in our success. All of my professors have been extremely helpful and accommodating. I know that if I have questions about anything that I can go to them and they will always do their best to help me find an answer. Over the past year, we have all experienced the dedication that both the faculty and the students have towards the school and it really goes to show just how large an impact that it has on people’s lives. Since I have been at CSJ, I have made the president’s list three semesters and the dean’s list one semester. I have also received a divisional award in the Arts and Sciences for both my freshman and sophomore year. I am the vice president of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. I know that going forward in my education that I have the full support of the faculty at CSJ and that they will push me to succeed.”

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