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MSJ Art Department

Thank you to all of the generous donors in the MSJ community, and beyond, that gave in honor of Mrs. Keefe.  Thanks to your support, our Mounties have been able to create art of all kinds!  Essential supplies are being replenished, and even more supplies have been added to the closet that allow the students even more artistic freedom and exploration than ever before. 


You can enjoy a little preview of what students have created so far and check back in to see what they make later in the school year at our online gallery!

Art l

This is a beginning level course that will introduce students to a variety of art mediums, tools, and techniques. After they try a little bit of everything in Art I, the goal is for them to have found certain mediums and techniques that they like so that if they choose to continue taking art they will be able to practice using tools and techniques in their chosen medium(s).

Art ll

This course is for students who have already taken Art I or have some previous experience in Art and want to continue trying new mediums or practicing and mastering mediums and techniques that they prefer and have experience with.  They will also begin to develop their personal artistic identity by drafting their first artist’s statements and learn how to photograph and present their pieces on their own.

Art Portfolio

A course for experienced artists who wish to continue mastering their mediums of specialty and build their body of work. They will also continue refining their artist’s statements to ensure that their work is original and emphasizes their personal artistic style and identity. Once their physical body of work is complete, they will then photograph their work so they can upload their portfolios in their entirety onto an online platform.

AP Art

For advanced, experienced Art students who wish to continue their craft and earn a college level credit.  Students will work on creating a portfolio in 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, or Drawing for digital submission to the CollegeBoard for review and scoring at the conclusion of the course.



NAHS (National Art Honor Society)

Students who are in grades 10-12 that have completed at least two semesters of Art and have maintained a B+ or higher throughout have the opportunity to join the ranks of our NAHS chapter.  Once part of the society, students will receive a member card and certificate to confirm their membership.  Students will then have access to NAEA(National Art Education Association) opportunities and will be a part of school-related events and fundraisers that will go toward things like field trips and honor cords for senior members.

Student Life

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