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Developing Faith at MSJ



The sacraments and the prayer life of the Church provide a message of hope in a morally uncertain world.


We work with students to learn the moral certainty of faith and to come to understand it as the foundation of a successful life. If it is the nature of youth to question, we seek to appeal to their curiosity and in doing so imbue in our students an appreciation and compassion for other people, to develop a genuine desire to do good work, and to come to a greater understanding of faith as a relationship with God and a relationship with others.


Students at Mount St. Joseph Academy come to the study of faith at different levels and from different backgrounds. Whatever their understanding or belief, our goal is for them to experience real growth in their faith, to develop something they can keep with them that will help make them better people and, through that faith, to love God and neighbor.



To develop faith as a personal experience — to make it real — students put their beliefs into practice through community service and by being outside exploring God’s kingdom.


Every year, all classes participate in a daylong retreat where we seek to build community and provide them with a sense that faith exists outside of school.


Each year, under the supervision of school administration and the MSJ Student Government, all Academy students take part in Project Help, building and distributing food baskets to needful families during the Christmas season. 

The students collect and solicit non-perishables from local business and generous individuals and build food and toy baskets and provide them to families who have requested assistance. It puts a real face on faith and connects MSJ students to their community in a unique and powerful way. Our role is to help students put their faith into action so people of all beliefs can grow in love of God.

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