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MSJ offers many opportunities for students to succeed and to prepare for a higher education. At MSJ you develop the skills needed to meet your potential and to further your love of learning.


Successful students complete a broad-based, college preparatory course of study. Twenty-six total credits are required for graduation. A half credit is earned for each semester course successfully completed with a passing grade and a full credit is earned for each full-year course successfully completed.


In order to earn a diploma, students must study two years of a foreign language. In addition, students are required to complete 25 hours of Community Service per year.

Required Credits

  • English: 4 credits

  • Social Studies: 4 credits

  • Mathematics: 4 credits

  • Science: 4 credits

  • Religion/Theology: 4 credits

  • World Language: 2 credits

  • Fine Arts: 1 credit

  • Health: .5 credit

  • *Electives: 1.5 credits

  • **Physical Education: 1 credit


Total credit requirement: 26 credits


*Electives are offered in Fine Arts, English, Math, Social Studies, Science, College Planning, and ESL.


**P.E. credit is acquired through participation in Athletics; each season of playing on or managing a sports team counts as .25 credit.


The Student-Parent Handbook outlines additional details regarding graduation requirements.


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