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Join an educational family that will remain with you for the rest of your life. Receive an education that will serve you in whatever endeavor you may decide to pursue. 



For more than a 100 years, Academy graduates have achieved success in every imaginable field of study, bringing the legacy of their education with them wherever they have gone — in the local community, across the nation, and even around the world.


We educate the whole person to instill in them a sense of giving back to those who have helped shape them, and to value service as a way of life. 

There are many benefits to an MSJ education. Our students are:

  • Prepared in Mind, Body and Spirit for their college experience.

  • Successful participants in their community.

  • Equipped to explore the gifts of their spirituality.

Opportunities Abound

MSJ’s small class sizes and intimate classroom setting allow for individualized attention; however, there are a number of additional educational opportunities that are available to students.

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MSJ’s academic programs also offer the following benefits:


  • A traditional grading and class ranking system

  • AP classes to encourage each student to reach their fullest potential

  • Participation in community building events and service


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