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"MSJ is not a place. MSJ is not a building. We are MSJ.”

- Monsignor LaVallee


Become part of something bigger than yourself and join the MSJ family. As a member of our family, you will seek excellence and prepare to pursue your dreams - in mind, body and spirit.

The level of our personal commitment to each student is evident in all aspects of Mount St. Joseph Academy, including the results — over the past 10 years more than 95% of all MSJ graduates have gone on to pursue their college dream. We will continue this success into the future by educating the whole person: academically, spiritually and physically. 


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Mount St. Joseph Academy students are exposed to a broad-based, college preparatory course of study. An MSJ education prepares students to achieve their college dream, become successful participants in their community, and to explore the gift of their spirituality.


MSJ’s academic programs also offer the following benefits:


  • A traditional grading and class ranking system.

  • AP classes to encourage each student to reach their fullest potential.

  • Participation in community building events and service.

Spiritual Life

Mount St. Joseph Academy is a Roman Catholic, accredited secondary school that welcomes students of all faiths and provides an education based on Catholic Christian principles.


MSJ creates a religious and moral environment where young people grow to a faith-filled maturity that helps them achieve wholeness and provide effective service to others. At MSJ, you will put your faith into action and grow in love of God.

A Place to Belong

By joining the MSJ family, you become part of our small, tight-knit community, as well as our large network of alumni, friends and supporters. MSJ students excel in the classroom, in performing arts, on the athletic field, and in student leadership roles. Find your niche and run with it in a place you belong. 

International and Diversity Program

Mount St. Joseph Academy welcomes students from around the world to its campus in Central Vermont through its International and Diversity Program. We have hosted students from Vietnam, China, South Korea, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Haiti, New York and Boston.

MSJ seeks diverse student populations that encompass a wide range of characteristics including geographic origins, social and economic backgrounds, races and ethnicity, viewpoints, special talents, and personal achievements.

Students in the program live with a local host family.



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