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Sophie Markowski sets the bar high in school and athletics

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Mount St. Joseph Academy senior Sophie Markowski doesn’t have a hard time finding things to do at MSJ, between her studies and holding a position as senior class representative on student government. She also plays field hockey at Otter Valley Union High School through the member-to-member athletic program that allows MSJ students to play sports at other schools that are not offered at MSJ.

Sophie has no problem finding things to do on the field hockey field, either. She said she has played virtually every position during her five years in the sport. Most of her time on the field was spent at center-mid, but she recently moved to front line.

Sophie was recently named to the Addison Independent All-Star Field Hockey Squad. She led all local players with nine assists and added four goals. The Addison Independent describes Sophie as a "smart player who used her excellent field vision to set up the attack and to read opponents’ plays and step up defensively."

“Our field hockey team is so much like a family for me,” Sophie said. “When I was a transfer student I didn’t want to lose that part of it. When I found out I could play field hockey there and still go to the school I wanted to, I was over the moon about it. All the girls on that team are there for you and support you in whatever you do.”

Sophie transferred to MSJ as a junior because she was interested in the school’s strong academics.

“As a transfer student, I was really nervous about making friends. But, the first day here, you can make friends right from the beginning. Everyone knows about each other and is very supportive. If someone has a great accomplishment it is mentioned to the whole school. It’s a lot more personal than a public school,” Sophie said.

Sophie plans to attend college after graduation and is looking into pre-med programs.

“Here you can’t hide and get by for doing the minimum,” Sophie said. “You are held to a higher standard, and I like that.”

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