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Roahan McGee - a fourth-generation Mountie

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

From back to front, Shea McGee, '13, Roahan McGee, MSJ senior, and Tessa McGee, a CKS student.

Roahan McGee, MSJ senior and Stafford Technical Center student, is a fourth-generation Mountie, following in the footsteps of his mother, Theresa Shanahan McGee, '91; grandfather, Mike Shanahan, '60; and great-grandparents Frieda (Colvin), ‘34, and James Shanahan, ‘36. Roahan’s sister, Shea, is a 2013 graduate of MSJ.

At Stafford Technical Center, Roahan is in the engineering program, working with technology such as robots and water cutters.

Roahan was recently selected to be MSJ's representative in this year’s North-South Senior All-Star Football Game.

“I was ecstatic, my parents were ecstatic,” Roahan said. “It was great knowing that I was considered and that I was given a chance to play one more time. I’ll miss playing football. It was a great experience. My first two years, there were people I looked up to who made me better as a player and a person in general. I came to find out, I was doing the same thing for other people.”

The North-South Senior All-Star Football Game features the state's top senior high school football players.

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