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Project Help: Behind the Scenes

Makayla Williams 21’

In the days leading up to Project Help, Mount St. Joseph Academy is a place of hustle and bustle in order to prepare for the annual event. The students and staff of Mount St. Joseph have been hard at work preparing for Project Help by gathering food before we head out to ask the community of Rutland for donations. Mount St. Joseph Academy has been carrying on this tradition for the past fifty-one years, giving food boxes and toys to those in need right here in our own community. The whole community helps us in order to make this crazy thing happen, but there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on in order to make this happen on our side.

The Mount St. Joseph student government has been meeting at lunch in order to get everything prepared and make sure everyone has a job to do in order to make this go smoothly. We are in charge of making sure that we have everything we need. We need to make sure that we have plenty of tape, boxes, maps, tables, wrapping paper, toys, and groups. We have groups of four students go house to house asking for non-perishable items or monetary donations, which then get put into boxes to be gifted. The student government is in charge of keeping everything running in the gym and making sure we have enough of everything we need. The student government has been meeting multiple times during the week during lunch in order to prepare for the event that is Project Help. We set up all the behind the scenes jobs, running all the things that are going on in the gym. We make sure that we have enough of everything so that no family has to go without during this Christmas season.

The student body of Mount St. Joseph also puts in a lot of work to make this time of year go as smooth as possible, not just student government. The student body help by participating in dress-down days where the student government asks for things such as wrapping paper, money, or non-perishable food items. This helps us out in government because we don’t have to go out and buy these things. Another thing that the student body helped out with is Block-A-Door. Block-A-Door is an activity we do in order to get the food items that we always need for the event.. We had to bring in enough non-perishable food items to block the door of our homeroom, and if we were able to do that then we get to have no classes on the Wednesday before Project Help. This year we were able to succeed in that goal, meaning we now get to have a head start on wrapping the presents that we give to the families along with their basket of food.

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