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MSJ’s Student Ambassadors: Positive, Responsible, Respectful

For Ella Paquin, one of her school activities is socializing with other students - in an official capacity.

Ella, a sophomore, is one of the Mount St. Joseph Academy student ambassadors, who work with Enrollment Coordinator Bill Bruso to help current students and show the benefits of attending MSJ.

The MSJ student ambassadors are a small group of students dedicated to the positive promotion of MSJ. They participate on a volunteer basis to serve as liaisons between the MSJ community and prospective students. The student ambassador’s main job is to be a helpful, friendly face for new freshmen and transfers, and to be a positive attribute to the student body throughout the school year.

In addition to being a student ambassador, Ella is involved in a number of activities at MSJ, including playing softball and basketball, Homecoming and Spring Fling Committee, and Student Government.

Student ambassadors interact with students and families both in person and online.

“It’s fun making new contacts and meeting new kids,” Ella said. “It’s good using social media to connect with kids who show interest or have questions about coming here. It’s also nice to be able to show them around when they shadow.”

The Student Ambassadors are invited to participate in the program by administrators because they have proven to be positive, responsible, respectful students and are considered to be an exemplary representative of MSJ.

Students gain many benefits from the student ambassador program, including sharpening their communication and public speaking skills; improving interpersonal and conversational skills; developing networking skills through participation at area events; developing leadership qualities; and being able to include their participation to enhance college applications.

Ella is enjoying her participation in the program as well as her MSJ education.

“All of the teachers are willing to be there for us, even outside of school work. They lend their time to help with schoolwork after school or before school or whenever,” Ella said. “It’s small and we are all close. We can have conversations with everybody.”

While Ella is a sophomore, she is already thinking about a future in accounting once she finishes high school.

2018-19 Student Ambassadors

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