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Mount St. Joseph Academy students find success in combining MSJ and Stafford Technical Center

Stafford students
Roahan McGee, Jacob Pickielnok and William Li attend both Stafford Technical Center and MSJ.

Attending Stafford Technical Center is just one of the many educational opportunities offered at Mount St. Joseph Academy. Several current MSJ students are taking advantage of this opportunity to position themselves to find success and reach their college and career goals.

MSJ student are eligible to attend Stafford Technical Center to combine extended technical education with their MSJ classroom learning and student life experience. They may choose from any of the programs offered at Stafford, with many of these technical programs having articulated agreements, transcript credit and dual enrollment options with Vermont State Colleges, which allow students to earn college credits while at the technical center.

Roahan McGee

Roahan McGee, a senior in his fourth year at MSJ, participates in the Engineering Program at Stafford Technical Center. In his program, he works on interesting topics, such as electronics, computer integrated manufacturing, and principles of engineering.

This year, Roahan is working toward being CAD certified, after completing his OSHA certification last year.

“There is really fun problem solving work that we do in there. Usually we get to work on our own things.”

Roahan is earning college credits while he completes the program and will graduate high school with 18 credits. He is currently considering colleges that will help him prepare for a career in mechanical engineering. Roahan is also a fourth-generation Mountie!

William Li

William Li is a perfect example of how the MSJ and Stafford experience is helping to propel him toward a desired career in the medical field.

Will is currently getting hands-on experience in Stafford’s Health Careers Program. Will is participating in a cooperative work experience, where he works in various healthcare facilities to gain job experience. Read more about how MSJ and Stafford are helping Will reach his goals

Jacob Pickielnok

Jacob Pickielnok is getting the spiritual, classroom and hands-on experience that will guide him to his chosen career.

Jacob attends MSJ while also being enrolled in Stafford Technical Center’s Electrical/Plumbing Program. In this program, Jacob has had the opportunity to do plumbing and electrical work on major construction projects and work on some smaller residential jobs, such as hooking up appliances. Read more about Jacob’s experience at MSJ and the Stafford Electrical/Plumbing Program

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