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MSJ and CKS students celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Mount St. Joseph Academy and Christ the King School celebrated Catholic Schools Week together from Nov. 6 to Nov. 9.

Catholic Schools Week focuses on the value that a Catholic education provides to young people and its contribution to our church, our communities and our nation.

Catholic Schools Week kicked off Tuesday with a breakfast for students that was provided by the faculty. The day was reserved for service projects from groups of students who were soon off to help the community with their work.

Service projects included serving lunch at the Open Door Mission and volunteering in the thrift store, raking leaves at Christ the King Church, cleanup on Convent Avenue, helping the Community Cupboard, and a group of students who chose to spend the day with the students at Christ the King School.

The day ended with a prayer service led by Father Mathew.

Wednesday began with Mass at Christ the King and continued with activities for MSJ and CKS students that had been planned by the elementary school students. The kids enjoyed a variety of activities, including reading and Bingo!

On Thursday, 17 MSJ students were invited to attend the Bishop’s Mass in Burlington. For students attending the day at MSJ, the dress code was Tie-Dye Day.

And, Friday’s Student Appreciation Day was designed for fun, as students began their day with bowling and pizza for lunch. Following lunch students were off to Flagship Cinemas to watch a movie in the theaters.

Thank you to all for a great Catholic Schools Week!

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