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"Friday Night Fun: MSJ Bonfire 2020."

Pearl B. '21

October. Many would agree that it’s the perfect month. It is the time when locals and leaf peepers alike can catch a last-second glance of colorful fall scenery(who could resist the mountains washed with gold and burnt umber?) But most of all, October weather is the perfect weather for a bonfire, especially one hosted by MSJ.

On Friday, October 9th, MSJ hosted its annual Bonfire, right in the school’s backyard. The boy’s soccer team had just finished their game against Sharon Academy, leaving many of the players and their fellow supporters ready for a relaxing evening. The event began with pizza and drinks generously provided by the faculty and PFC, effectively keeping safety protocols in mind. Once the city fire trucks arrived, it was time to get the party started!

Nearly thirty students gathered around the blaze, talking, playing music, and competing in the latest online game, Among Us. Some pitched tennis balls back and forth (although one was unfortunately lost in the bushes, and another to the fire), warming up their arms for baseball season. Soon after, the fire began to collapse and dwindle, but was propped back up with assistance from a few empty pizza boxes! The blaze burned brightly the rest of the evening, illuminating smiling faces and creating a cozy yet exciting atmosphere.

This event was a wonderful opportunity to get out and socialize, especially considering this year’s safety concerns. Since students could not participate in a homecoming dance, the Bonfire added a glimmer of hope and fun to the annual Homecoming Weekend. The successful night inspires hope for future events, too.

Until next time, Mounties,


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