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Alumni Spotlight : Sally Hogan returns to MSJ Basketball

Becca Diehlmann '23

Sally Hogan is a very dedicated and valuable person in the Mount St. Joseph community. Sally is one of the MSJ varsity girls basketball, assistant coaches. She went to Christ the King School her whole life and graduated from MSJ in 2015. Sally noticed many great things when she came and shadowed MSJ. She saw that since the school was smaller, it made it easier to learn and have a better connection with the teachers. Sally said that MSJ is such a close-knit community, and everyone is so welcoming.

She enjoyed the range of clubs and was part of the yearbook, the newspaper, set crew for the plays, the outdoor adventure club, prom committee, Scholar’s Bowl, and the National Honors Society. Since MSJ is such a small school, it is effortless to start up new clubs if you are interested or start a new sport up as Sally did. There are so many amazing things that MSJ has to offer, and, as Sally said, “At MSJ, you will always feel like you belong, and everyone will always have your back, including coaches, teachers, staff, and students.”

Sally is now one of the assistant coaches at MSJ. She missed playing basketball, and she knew she wanted to come and help teach other girls. Sally has played basketball from second grade through her senior year in college, playing varsity throughout college. Sally is a fantastic basketball player, but like a lot of other athletes, she has gone through many injuries. Sally said that the hardest thing about having injuries is to watch everything happen and not be able to be a part of it all.

After everything that happened, her senior year, her team won the state championship, but it wasn’t easy. The start of her freshman year was tough, but the team was very dedicated, they trained harder, got in better shape, and had great team chemistry. Sally said that “To be able to have a team to win a championship, you have to be dedicated to winning, but also believe you deserve to win.” Sally didn’t just play basketball; she also played tennis, softball, and track because she wanted to make sure she always stayed in shape. Sally Hogan wasn’t just a great athlete, though, she was also a fantastic student, and that is what is most important.

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