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The Joy of Music at MSJ !

Valentine’s Day Grams

This Valentine’s Day Luke Locsin and I went about the school singing Valentine’s Day grams. If you don’t know what they are, a Valentine’s Day gram is a song sent to someone else, sung aloud by musicians wherever that special someone happens to be. Part of the package for purchasing a Valentine’s Day gram was a bag of Hershey kisses to accompany your song. This fundraiser was to benefit MSJ’s Tri-M Music Honor Society, with the goal being to help fund a new sound system to accommodate the Shoestring theater.

It was Tri-M’s first year doing Valentine’s Day grams and we experienced an overwhelming amount of requests. In total we had 22 requests by the end of the day. As people warmed up to the idea, we had an influx of requests in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day and on the day of. Many students enjoyed the day, getting to watch everyone who received a gram get serenaded even if they themselves did not get one. The fact that people were going around singing songs just made the day more fun. One student, Mason Greene even said, “That’s the best five dollars I’ve ever spent.” It’s quotes like these that really show that MSJ is a close knit community; everyone comes together for activities and events like these because the students are all so close with each other.

Overall, the Valentine’s day Grams were a super big hit with the student body and the teachers, with many jokes being pulled through the purchase of grams. Luke and I look forward to doing it next year and hope to improve on our guitar playing and singing and expand on our catalog of songs.


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