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MSJ Theatre is back in action!

This has been the Shoestring Theater's first production in 2 years. We put on the play "10 Ways to Survive the End of the World" by Don Zolidis. In this play, the Narrators go through ten different ways the world might end including an asteroid, ape invasion, killer hurricanes, killer machines, the ending of the Mayan calendar, nuclear war, deadly viruses, alien invasions, bunny apocalypse, and, of course, the sun exploding. We follow the four main characters Megan, William, Bob, and Pippa as they come up and share the ways to survive the end of the world.

Freshman, Maura Whitman played an ape (Snowball), Nuclear Armageddon, Alexa, an alien, and a doctor in last weekends performance.

"I enjoyed being in this play because it's such a fun group of people to be around and I really loved how well we all got along. I enjoyed the premise of the play and we all laughed at the play when we first read it. Some scenes were hard to perform without cracking up! All in all, it was just a really good time."

Thank you to those that were able to attend this past weekend. We are excited now that our Theatre is back in action!

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