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MSJ students select new student government

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

MSJ students went to the polls recently to select their 2018-19 Student Government, selecting Victoria Tracy as the Student Government President and Keaton Wright-Chapman as Vice President.

Students ran strong campaigns to highlight their qualifications and ideas that they will bring to the table if selected for a student government role.

Prior to the elections, MSJ held two well-attended sessions of leadership training for potential student leaders. For students interested in leadership positions at the school for the 18-19 school year. The training was hosted by Bill Bruso, Student Ambassador Advisor; Mike Callahan, Student Government Advisor; and Phil Hall, Assistant Principal.

The sessions focused on understanding the the MSJ Mission, servant leadership, social justice, meetings and agendas, communication and public speaking, tips for creating dialogue, the MSJ Student Government Constitution and the MSJ Ambassador Program Manual.

The 2018-19 MSJ Student Government

  • Victoria Tracy - President

  • Keaton Wright-Chapman - Vice President

  • Abigail Hanley - Treasurer

  • Julia Lee - Secretary

  • Rory Carrara - Senior Representative

  • Sophia Markowski - Senior Representative

  • Michael Blais - Junior Representative

  • Emelia Tooley - Junior Representative

  • Joseph Giancola - Sophomore Representative

  • Ella Paquin - Sophomore Representative

  • Tiana Gallipo - Freshman Representative

  • Elizabeth Tracey - Freshman Representative

  • Mr. Mike Callahan - Student Government Adviser

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