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MSJ's 2021 Project Help

Brooke B. MSJ '22

This year MSJ accomplished a very successful Project Help. Project Help is MSJ’s annual food drive that provides families in need with food and gifts for the Christmas season. This year MSJ’s student body and student government worked very hard to make sure that Project Help ran smoothly and efficiently. Student government had been planning this project since the beginning of the school year. The whole school did a very great job of collecting food for the families. Weeks leading up to Project Help week, the student body brought in over 2,500 non-perishable food items. Following this student government had a week of drop-off times where students would stay at the school in the evening to collect any donations from the public. This was done Monday through Friday from 5-7pm during the week before Project Help. Student government was able to advertise this by tuning into the local radio station and talking about the event. Aside from this we had many generous donations from the businesses from Rutland which allowed us to be able to add much more to our boxes for the families. The week of Project Help went very well, the whole school was very involved in making sure everything was completed.. During these days students wrapped gifts, organized food donations, and put together the food boxes. It was a very good time for the entire school to come together and be able help the community.. Student government then collected these boxes, and handed them out to the families who came to the school to pick them up. The school was also able to give out winter coats for children to any family who was in need. . Project Help was a great opportunity for all the students of MSJ to reach out and help our community. Also, during this time, SJ students also helped out the Rutland Area Food Bank with food they were donating during the holiday season. They put together boxes and helped pack them. From this, MSJ was also able to gain more food donations for Project Help. Overall, Project Help was a great time for the MSJ community to come together and help those in need. They were able to keep in mind the reason for the season and demonstrate what it looks like to be involved in the community for the good of others.

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