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MSJ Cheerleaders have the spirit !!

Makayla Williams 21’

MSJ Cheerleading Team

MSJ cheerleading is a sports team that encourages the school's other sports teams. Even though we are not in any cheer competitions this year, we are having fun sideline cheering, supporting our girl’s and boy’s basketball teams. We have been working really hard to make sure that we have all of our sideline cheers down, as well as working on skills that are invisible on the sidelines. We do not have a routine this season because we are not competing, so sideline cheers are our main focus. Cheerleading builds skills such as time management, commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We cheer at almost every home game and are at practice when there is no game. Even though we are not competing, we are working hard and making sure we are at our very best whenever we step on the sidelines to cheer on the teams. Cheerleading is a fun and easy way to get involved at the school, and meet some very fun teammates who make sure practice is never boring. The cheerleaders have coach Courtney Elliot to thank for making sure we have all the skills we need to succeed and making sure everyone is where they should be.

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