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Mount St. Joseph Academy to hold open house, offer free fourth-quarter tuition for new students

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Mount St. Joseph Academy will hold an Open House for prospective students and families from 1 to 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 10. Families will have the opportunity to learn more about MSJ’s free Fourth Quarter Tuition for new students.

For more information on the Open House or Free Fourth-Quarter tuition offer, contact Bill Bruso, enrollment coordinator, at 802.775.0151 x2004 or

Student leaders will meet and greet families and lead them through a guided tour of the school. Faculty and Staff will be available to answer questions and provide highlights of the school.

MSJ is welcoming students who wish to join the MSJ family by offering a tuition-free fourth quarter for those who transfer from another school. The free fourth quarter runs from April 1 to the end of the current school year, and is available to students in grades 6 through 11.

MSJ provides a strong college preparatory curriculum, which has led more than 95% of MSJ graduates to college over the past 10 years. It also offers a traditional grading and class-ranking system that is easily understood by parents and favored during the college admissions process. The academic opportunities at MSJ include AP Courses, attendance at Stafford Technical Center and National Honor Society.

Students at MSJ enjoy a wide variety of activities and opportunities, including Student Government, school dances, community service and athletics. MSJ offers Soccer, Cross-Country, Basketball, Cheerleading, Alpine Skiing, Track, Baseball and Softball. Students who wish to play a sport that is not directly offered at MSJ can find opportunity to play at another school through our member-to-member program.

MSJ will also host "Ride The Wave Day," on March 19, where students can visit MSJ during the school day and meet with other students.

Mount St. Joseph Academy welcomes students of all faiths and is committed to providing educational opportunity to all students who qualify for admission. Students will not be turned away over financial need.

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