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Community Service

Service Opportunities
They may include long-term, hourly commitments to MSJ itself, to the church community of the students’ choice, or to a social agency/ peace and justice organization working at the local, state, national or international levels.

ALL STUDENTS: They will complete a minimum of 25 hours and a final, written reflection at the end of the school year. Everybody is encouraged to work on individual or group service projects. 

Service Coordination and Monitoring
Ms. Tallon will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide the necessary information and documentation to students and parents.
  • Coordinate specific aspects of the program with other MSJ faculty and administration personnel, especially our religion teachers.
  • Provide written guidelines for the completion of a directory of Rutland area service agencies. Guidelines will also be provided on how to write their journal entries and final reflections.
  • Meet with individual students and/ or groups of students to design, choose, monitor and reflect on their own community service activities.
  • Contact service agencies and peace and justice organizations at the local, state, national and international levels.
  • Maintain an individual record of every student and his/ her own related community service work.
  • Communicate with parents as needed.

Questions and Comments
Please direct all community service related questions and suggestions to Keturah Tallon.
Phone number at MSJ: (802) 775-0151, Extension 106.