About MSJ

Mount St. Joseph Academy’s beginnings are inextricably tied to the founding of the Sisters of St. Joseph Rutland community.Almost from the moment they arrived, the Sisters began the task of building schools to serve the community starting with St. Peter's School and, in 1882, the all-girls Mount St. Joseph Academy.

As early histories of Mount St. Joseph Academy attest,  the Academy's mission was to meet the needs of the community and the times. In 1927, in cooperation with the Rutland Catholic community, the Sisters built a larger facility and opened as a co-educational academy. The rigorous curriculum continued and the advent of boys brought the introduction of a full athletics program. The music program grew to include a marching band and orchestra, with special diplomas offered in piano and violin. Drama also became an integral part of the MSJ experience. All of this was offered in order to develop the complete person in mind, soul and body.

Dedicated teachers, mentors and coaches making the extra effort to assist students contributes to the success of the Academy. It is easy to sense the special ethos or spirit that lives on Convent Avenue. Students know  this is a place to belong. Success in the classroom spilled over to athletic championships and awards in drama and music competitions. Mount St. Joseph Academy became the school of choice for those who sought admission to competitive colleges and universities.

The core mission of Mount St. Joseph Academy remains the same as the intentions of the first women who began the Academy over 125 years ago: to educate the whole person in mind, spirit and body. True to this mission is the continued belief that a Mount St. Joseph Academy education should remain accessible to all who desire a challenging Catholic educational experience.  The MSJ tradition continues with award-winning drama opportunities, a burgeoning music program and a full schedule of  Varsity team sports for both men and women. Students at MSJ are dedicated to their school and the community, making them proud bearers of the well-respected MSJ banner and traditions.