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Dear Parents of Mounties~

I have been doing a lot of thinking these past couple of days about family and, in particular, about grandparents. I recently read a quote, I am not certain who the author is, but it spoke perfectly to me about my grandparents. The quote reads, “God couldn’t be everywhere and so he made grandparents.” Grandparents are some of life’s greatest treasures. I know my grandparents have meant so much to me. My maternal grandparents both died just after I was born. However, I learned a lot about the people that they were from my older cousins and from members of the community, as well as, of course, from my mom. My maternal grandfather owned a shop called “McCue Memorials”. It was located on Woodstock Avenue kitty corner to my mother’s childhood home (that home is still standing next to the McDonald’s on Woodstock Ave). My maternal grandfather’s name was Gerald and his grandchildren called him Pepa. He was a kind, devoted strong willed Irishmen. He was an artist as he cut, shaped, formed and created headstones for thousands of people in the Rutland community throughout his life. If you enter any of the cemeteries in Rutland you can still see his work on the many gorgeous headstones that mark the graves of many Rutlanders. My maternal grandmother was a mother to five children. Her name was Loretta Loveday. She was funny, beautiful and she loved her family and held her family traditions in high regard. Her grandchildren called her Nanny. Pepa and Nanny were wonderful grandparents to my cousins. They all have so many stories about days spent on Woodstock Avenue and all the laughter and love in the house Pepa and Nanny encompassed. I often wish that I had known them but the legacy that they have left lives on in the memories of those who knew and loved them...Read More

Prayer to St. Joseph

Holy Saint Joseph, 
Be mindful of me;
Watch over me;
In my discouragement and fatigue,
  grant me laughter and support;
In my weakness, grant me strength;
In all things, grant me a constant
  awareness of Jesus' presence in my


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