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February 7th, 2015 -   The Spark Event Tickets are $10 each. It starts at 7 on Saturday February 7th 
at the Holiday Inn. It is a live Auction and Dance.

March 19th, 2015 A Taste of Rutland

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January 1st through February 28th, MSJ will be offering an Early Registration fee of $125 per student not to exceed $250 per family. This is a savings of $50 per student. Please plan to register your student for next year before this deal is over. After February 28th, the regular registration fee will be in effect at $175 per student not to exceed $350 per family. The registration form is available HERE or in the MSJ front office. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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The following is an important update from our PFC:

 Spark Your Winter Blues Auction and Dance 2/7/15

Dear MSJ Parents, Faculty & Friends, our event is fast approaching! The Spark Committee is in full swing - but we need your help to make this a success. If you could please let us know if you're available to set-up Friday (2/6/15) from noon on at the Holiday Inn and/or Saturday (2/7/15) during the day, we would appreciate it.  We still need volunteers to sign up for various tasks during the event as well (Saturday night from 5:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.). If you could email Harvey@1014@comcast.net with your availability, it would be appreciated.

 Last, but certainly not least - invite guests to attend the event -sell tickets and bring/send them into school. Not many tickets have been returned at all at this point. Past successful "Sparks" are directly related to who attends and the number of tickets sold. You are our best P.R.!! Thank you for your support!

(If writing checks for ticket payment, please make payable to "MSJ", Thank you) 

The Spark Committee

Mary Lou Tedesco Harvey ~ JoAnn Ballard ~Theresa Schmelzenbach ~ Kelly Calvin~Lori Elliott ~ Julie Eaton ~ Colleen Diezel ~ Chris Traska ~ Kelly DiIonno

During the 2014-2015 school year our local families are hosting students from Haiti, China and New York City. Because these families are opening their homes to a young person from another country, they are helping give our international and diversity students an opportunity for an education, and to develop the compassion needed to make the world a better place for the next generation, and the communities they return to.These students have been engaged within the MSJ community, joining sports teams, tutoring fellow students, acting in the theater program, and giving back through local community service projects. MSJ is grateful to the contributory host families, because without them, these experiences would not be possible, and MSJ would miss the opportunity for rich cultural diversity.

MSJ is seeking supportive families to host students. Join our global community and help support the MSJ community! In the Spring 2015 school semester we need three families to host students from China. MSJ families who host will receive either $2,500 off their 2015-2016 school tuition or a $600 a month stipend (which pays any remaining 2014-15 tuition balance, before remittance to host). To find out how to host a student, contact Carrie Savage at (802)-775-0151 or csavage@msjvermont.org, or visit www.msjvermont.org  

MSJ has room for you!!  MSJ has opening in all four years (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) and welcomes you to call for a tour and meetings. Please call – 1-802-775-0151 for your tour today!! Click Here for more details!

Happy Catholic Schools Week! This week has flown by with the many activities that our students have been participating in. On Wednesday we went to CKS for a combined celebration. We had a wonderful Mass with one of our favorite Priests, Father Justin. This Mass was extra special because four students from CKS were Baptized! We were so fortunate to be able to celebrate with those students and families. We shared lunch with CKS and then we had a combined basketball tournament where a CKS Team played another CKS Team and and MSJ Team played an MSJ Team. Then both the CKS and MSJ teams played members of the MSJ and CKS staff. We had a blast! The kids had a great time and they also participated in the “pie a teacher” contest in which Jenna E. nailed Mr. McDonough and Josh W. got Mrs. Audette. Everyone was a good sport as it was all done in good fun! Needless to say after playing on Wednesday in the game, I learned on Thursday morning that running and sprinting are two totally different things!  ... .Click here for full letter


The Parents and Friends Club are selling discount saver cards. If you have not received these, please pick up your cards in the main office. Each family is asked to sell 9 saver cards. Any cards not sold need to be brought back to the front office. If they are not, individual families will be billed for any cards not returned. It is very important that each family participate in these fundraisers as they help the PFC to make their projected $20,000 which is included in the MSJ budget. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lori Elliott, President of the Parents and Friends.

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Prayer to St. Joseph

Holy Saint Joseph, 
Be mindful of me;
Watch over me;
In my discouragement and fatigue,
  grant me laughter and support;
In my weakness, grant me strength;
In all things, grant me a constant
  awareness of Jesus' presence in my


Would you like to host an international student?  Contact Mrs. Savage by email or by phone: 802-775-0151. 

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