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MSJ Winter Open House

Savannah P.

Student Ambassador

MSJ ‘21

MSJ Open House

Mount St. Joseph recently held another successful Open House! We had five families come with their prospective students and two sets of parents that came just to gain more knowledge about the school. The student ambassadors had the opportunity to get dressed up and look professional in our Mass uniforms to help out with this event. We all were excited to see who would be joining us to learn about our MSJ traditions.

When families arrive at open houses our office manager, Mrs. Alt, takes each family member’s temperature and student ambassadors make sure we have all necessary contact information. This safety measure is for Covid tracing as well as future outreach. After these steps are taken, families get a chance to meet with our teachers and ambassadors, who take them on guided tours of the school! On these tours parents and future students are able to ask questions, look at how the school day works, and visit classrooms. These tours are helpful because instead of just reading information or looking up questions you may have, you can actually have a conversation with someone who is part of the school and the tour guide gets the chance to share their personal experience and accomplishments made at MSJ .

Also, the following school day of this winter open house, ambassadors were able to meet three new students that will be joining us next year as freshmen! Upperclassmen, Brooke and Ellie, were able to give them information while Emma, a freshman, helped them navigate around the school and their shadow-day schedules. We are all looking forward to seeing the rest of the incoming freshman class next year and what they will each add to our MSJ family. We are hopeful, too, that everyone will continue to spread the word about MSJ!

This past year, many things have caused bumps in the road, but the coronavirus seems to be the biggest of all. Thankfully, MSJ has taken many precautions in order to combat this global pandemic and help each student thrive. Faculty and staff enforce rules about masks, take time with disinfecting surfaces and supplies, continuously check for social distancing, and have all students take responsibility for their actions in and outside of school.

This is what has kept us all safe and happy. This is what has allowed us to continue with in-person schooling rather than going online or having a hybrid schedule. We are all thankful to be in-person five days a week, unlike many other schools in the area, and we are happy to have shared what our school has to offer at last week’s Winter Open House!

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