The pursuit of learning doesn’t end in the classroom…for student athletes, actors, musicians, and scholars, it just moves to different fields of play. The same sense of “playing up”, to compete against the best that drives excellence in the classroom, motivates all those who seek to extend their learning on other fields, on the court, or on the stage. By playing against the best you become the best, learning in the crucible of competition the value of a game well played, a performance superbly given, or growing in both courage and endurance by rising above your defeats.

Participation is the hallmark of sport at Mount St. Joseph Academy. If you want to play, if you want to learn the power of collaboration, the value of teamwork, and form the bonds of friendship that only commitment to a common pursuit can give, then you will have the opportunity to play the sport of your choice at the Academy. Many sports at MSJ are played at the Division I or Division II levels even though our school qualifies at the D-III or D-IV level. We always want to play against the best that our state has to offer and if that means playing up to have the opportunity against the finest competition, that’s where we want to play.

In the fall, from the gridiron to the soccer pitch and running trails, the men and women varsity and junior varsity athletes of the MSJ Green Wave compete against the best athletes in our state. When the snow flies in our Vermont home, so do our winter sports competitors—down the ski slopes, up the hardwood of the basketball court, or chasing the puck on the ice; MSJ student-athletes continue to hone their physical and mental skills, learning disciplines that will serve them in the classroom and serve them in life. In the spring, Green Wave golfers, baseball and softball players, tennis players, track and field athletes and lacrosse team members all proudly carry the MSJ colors into competition…with every play, race, or match learning valuable leadership lessons, building their character, adding to the sporting legacy of the Academy—always giving it all you have…for the team, for yourself.