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These are the classroom sites of the teachers who maintain them.  Please be sure to check Thinkwave for assignments and announcements as well.
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Intro to Catholic Christianity and the Sacraments Mr. Audette 
Introduction to Ethics and Moral Theology Mr. Audette 
Philosophy of Religion Mr. Audette 
Statistics Mr. Merchand 
Pre-Calculus Mr. Merchand 
AP Calculus Mr. Merchand 
Drama Mrs. Audette 
College Writing and Vocab Mrs. Audette 
English 9 CP Mrs. Audette 
Responding to the Call Mrs.Audette 
Honors English 9 Mrs. Audette 
Publications Mrs. Audette 
American Literature CP Mrs. Audette 
Psychology Mrs. Fortier 
World History Mrs. Fortier 
History Mrs. Fortier 
The Lit Line Mrs. Fuller 
The Writer's Wit Mrs. Fuller 
French Mrs.Rainville 
Spanish  Señora Jiménez 
Showing 20 items