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Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Dear Parents of Mounties~

Sssshhh, do you hear that? It’s the sound of silence or, actually,  the lack thereof. I have been thinking a lot about silence the last couple of days. It’s really an incredible thing, silence is. In a school full of high school students it is difficult to find the sound of silence. This past week I have listened for it. I have heard all kinds of things: laughter in the hallways, the echo of earbuds, the robust voice of Coach Hall’s lectures in room 202, giggles in the lunchroom, cheers, shouts, high fives, lockers slamming, footsteps, telephones buzzing, singing and musical instruments, running, keyboards clicking, the television roaring chants for my beloved Patriots (Jimmy G. looked awful good on Sunday night!!) and more...Read More

Prayer to St. Joseph

Holy Saint Joseph, 
Be mindful of me;
Watch over me;
In my discouragement and fatigue,
  grant me laughter and support;
In my weakness, grant me strength;
In all things, grant me a constant
  awareness of Jesus' presence in my


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