One Act Play: “BLUR”

posted Mar 24, 2011, 11:02 AM by   [ updated Sep 11, 2012, 11:31 AM ]
"Blur" was written by playwright Meg Haley while at school at St. Olaf College,in Minnesota. It deals with
eating disorders, and uses ten actors and live musicians in ten scenes to portray the struggles young
women (and some young men) go through. Eating disorders are more common than we realize and have
affected our students while in high school and especially in college. The play deals honestly with the
problems but also ends positively as five young women deal with their disorder and are helped by five
friends. The cast and crew have been supported in this not only by the playwright ,but also by various
MSJ alumni, parents and staff who have all dealt with the problem. 

The play will be performed:
  • Thursday, March 24 at 1:50PM ~ For the school
  • Saturday evening, March 26th ~ At the play festival at Mill River   
  • April 2 at 7PM ~  For the community at MSJ
This summary of “Blur” was written by Mrs. Jennifer Bagley, MSJ Drama Director: