At Mount St. Joseph Academy we are always working to make the admissions process streamlined and easy to manage. If at any time during the process you would like to speak to someone, please call our Guidance Director, Charels Stevens, (802) 775-0151.

Applying to Mount St Joseph Academy, for most students, begins in 8th grade.  We recommend that any student who is interested in what MSJ has to offer come and Shadow For A Day to really experience what life at the Mount is like.  Students and families who wish to apply will then be given an application and a transcript request form to complete and submit along with the application fee.  

Families who would like to apply for Financial Aid are asked to complete an online FACTS application. 

Upon receiving your student's completed application, we will review it and contact you shortly about registration for the coming school year. 

Admissions Requirements

Registration & Transcript Request Forms 

• $175 Application fee

FACTS Application (optional)


Please see our section on International Student Applications.

An MSJ Fact:

The level of our personal commitment to each student is evident in the results—over the past ten years more than 90% of all MSJ graduates have gone on to college. And not only are these students going to college, they’re earning record amounts of academic scholarships.