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Graduation Requirements

The goals of an MSJ education are to prepare young people—in mind, spirit, and body—for their college opportunity, to become successful participants in their community, and to explore the gift of their spirituality. We strive to educate the whole person, to instill in them a sense of giving back to those who have helped shape them, and to value service as a way of life. Over the past one hundred twenty-five years, Academy graduates have gone on to success in every imaginable field of study, bringing the legacy of their education with them wherever they have gone—around the world, the nation, and the local community.

When you become a student at Mount St. Joseph Academy you are joining an educational family that will remain with you for the rest of your life and obtaining an education that will serve you in whatever endeavor you may decide to pursue. Students are expected to complete a broad-based, college preparatory course of study. Twenty-four total credits are required for graduation—one half credit is given for each trimester course successfully completed with a passing grade and one full credit is earned for a two-trimester course successfully completed.

*Successful completion of 26 credits in the following areas:

  • Religion (4 credits)
  • English (4 credits)
  • World Language (2 credits)
  • Mathematics (4 credits)
  • Science (4 credits)
  • Social Studies (4 credits)
  • Fine Art (1 credit)
  • Electives (1.5 credits)
  • Health and PE (1.5 credits)
*Effective for Class of 2017